The Fiddle Leaf Earring Club

The Fiddle Leaf Earring Club

Let us take the work out of finding the perfect statement pieces for your jewelry collection. As part of The Fiddle Leaf Earring Club, you will receive 2 pairs of earrings each month. These pieces are exclusive to club members only and will be desinged and cut in-house from premium hardwoods. You won't find these earing styles on amazon or in big box stores, bringing you to a new level of exlusivity in your fashion.


Many of our club members subscribe to always have the perfect gift at the ready, while others want to grow their own collection. Wether you plan to use as gifts or keep these uniquely beautifully pieces for yourself, you can't go wrong with our monhtly club!


A product reveal email is sent out to all club members at the start of the month prior to shipping (the 15th of each month). Not thrilled with the designs coming your way? No have the freedom and flexibility to swap out for different designs as you see fit and of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time! 


**Please note: subscriptions must be purchased separately and cannot be combined with other items in your shopping cart**

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    The Fiddle Leaf Club
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